Hi, this is my first website! I hope you enjoy it.

Minecraft is Awesome
Link is OP

I hope to add walkthroughs, music, ect.

This is a pretty much useless redstone circuit in minecraft but it describes how to make a time machine(NO MODS!!!!!). First, place two blocks of wool(any color)one on top of the other. On one side of the top piece of wool place an item frame with a clock in it. Below the item frame place a lever. On the side LEFT of the lever place a redstone torch(make sure it is placed on the wool). One block forward place redstone dust. Go diagonally to the right and place redstone dust and to the right another redstone dust. On the redstone you just placed, go back one blockand place a redstone reapeter on two clicks. On the left of that place another redstone reapeter on two clicks. On the right of the farthest reapeter, place one redstone dust. Now you are going to need a command block. I think that the ID # is 127. I could be wrong. once you have it, place it on the block right of the wool. Finally, set the command block to timeadd 5000. If you flick the lever it should advance time until you flick it on.

This info could be wrong

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